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Social Security Disability Evaluation

When Can I Expect A Decision On My Claim?

The time it takes to receive a decision on your claim can vary from three to six months. The Social Security Administration must process thousands of applications each week, each representing the unique medical and financial situation of an applicant.

Qualification Factors

The decision to approve an applicant is based on several factors.The main factors are (a) the nature of your condition or illness, (b) the time it takes to obtain documentation about your condition or illness from a doctor, (c) whether any addition medical examinations will be required and (d) if your claim is randomly selected for quality assurance review.

Applicants that provide the agency with thorough and complete medical documentation, and are not randomly selected for quality assurance review, may receive their decision letter within weeks to one or two months. Of course, it is difficult to determine if any particular applicant will be able to satisfy all of the criteria and obtain a quick decision. In general, you can expect to wait up to six months for your decision.

Your Disability Attorney can monitor the status of your claim and keep you informed. It is our job to stay in contact with you about the status of your claim and call you if any additional information is needed in order to process your claim.

Timing Is Crucial

If you have already become disabled, you may find yourself having to wait longer to receive your benefits.  You should apple for benefits as soon as you become injured or disabled. Benefits can only be paid after you have been disabled for five full calendar months. Since the average wait time to become approved can take up to six months, it is a good idea to get your claim in as soon as possible. This way, you can begin to receive your benefits as soon as you are approved.

Whether you have been disabled for a while, or recently become disabled, it is important you act right away. As your Disability Attorney, we can usually complete the application process for you as quickly as possible.