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Social Security Disability Evaluation

SSI Benefits

The qualifications for Supplemental Security Income benefits are different from Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The reason for this difference is based on how the benefits are funded. These differences affect who is eligible to receive benefits, how much they will receive and whether they qualify for any additional assistance.

Supplemental Security Income

  • SSI funds are taken from the U.S. Treasury funds that are collected from income taxes paid by individuals and companies.
  • Benefit amounts are set by Congress each year as part of the national budget and not based on your prior work history.
  • Currently, the benefit amount is $674 for an individual and $1011 for a couple.
  • The benefit amount is adjusted annually and increases with the cost of living index. However, not all recipients will receive the full amount of benefits depending on other factors.
  • SSI recipients are automatically eligible to receive Medicaid benefits for healthcare costs and food stamps, except for recipients in California.
  • The benefits received under SSI program are not taxable.

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