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Social Security Disability Evaluation

Social Security Disability Insurance Qualifications

You may have heard that getting Social Security Disability benefits is difficult or impossible. Maybe you have applied and been told you do not qualify. The truth is many people apply, and are rejected several times before they get accepted. There are many requirements that must be met in order to qualify, but getting your application approved is much easier with a qualified attorney on your side.

Work History

One of the biggest factors used to determine whether you qualify to receive benefits is your work history. If you have worked and paid FICA taxes in the past you are most likely eligible to receive benefits.  The general rule of thumb is that you must have worked for at least ten years and for the recent five out of ten years, at the time you became disabled.

Children may also be eligible to receive benefits even though they have not worked or paid FICA taxes.  The qualification standards for children are different and take into account difference in the amount of workable years, or the amount of time they may not have been eligible to work due to age.  Many times disabled children can collect on the earnings of a deceased, disabled or retired parent. Widows and widowers may also qualify to collect on the earnings of a deceased spouse.

We can help you determine if your work history qualifies for benefits. Unlike other law firms, we offer the personalized service of a small firm with the expertise and results of a  large firm.

Ability To Work

Another factor used to determine your eligibility refers to your ability to work currently, or in the future. Your condition must be severe enough to prevent you from working for at least 12 months. If you are unable to work or perform a full-time job for a minimum of 12 months, you may be eligible to receive benefits.

The job performance standard is based on the ability to perform any job that exists on a full time basis. This may not always refer to the jobs you held in the past, but even lighter or more sedentary jobs. The nature of your disability will determine your ability to perform and maintain any type of full time job that would allow you to earn income. Individuals that do not meet the standards to maintain a job are likely to qualify for benefits. Our attorneys are always here to evaluation your situation and fill out the paperwork for you, to make receiving your benefits as easy as possible.

Nature Of Your Disability

The nature of your disability also contributes to you eligibility for benefits. The Social Security Administration defines a disability as “any mental illness and/or mental condition that has prevented an individual from working for twelve months or is projected to prevent work activity for twelve months.”

Work and non-work related injuries are considered medical conditions and are handled the same as a diagnosable condition. There are many different physical and mental conditions that qualify for disability benefits. Click here for a full list of medical conditions that may qualify for benefits.

The best way to begin the process is to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We are here to help you get what you deserve!