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Social Security Disability Evaluation

Questions About Disability Insurance

Claim Denied My claim was denied, now what?

It is not uncommon for people to apply for benefits and be denied one or more times. There are several ways that your claim can be denied, and successfully completing the process can be a chore. If your claim has been denied there are a few options to pursue getting your claim approved.


Disability AttorneyWhy use a Disability Attorney?

The process of applying for benefits can be stressful. You are already under enough stress worrying about your finances. Having a disability attorney represent you can increase the chances of successfully obtaining benefits. As your representative, our mission is to win your case.


Disability ClaimWhen can I expect a decision on my claim?

The time it takes to receive a decision on a claim is based on several factors.  In general, it can take anywhere between three to six months to receive a decision on your claim. If you recently became disabled, apply now in order to begin receiving your benefits soon after you are approved.


Can I Still WorkIf I am disabled, can I still work?

The Social Security Administration offers several ways in which you can earn income while receiving benefits. However, there are specific rules about the amount of income you can earn and how long you can earn benefits while working. You can find comfort in knowing that you will not lose your benefits right away just because you return to work.


Disability CheckI won my case, now what?

Congratulations on winning your case!  An award letter serves as the first step to obtaining your benefits and you should review the letter carefully. The award letter will provide you with information about the details of your benefits case.


Back PayCan SSDI and SSI benefits be paid retroactively?

You may be entitled to receive benefits for the months you were waiting for your application to be approved or up to 12 months prior to applying. Depending on the onset of your condition and when you applied for benefits, you may be eligible to receive benefits.