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Social Security Disability Evaluation

If I Am Disabled, Can I Still Work?

You may have heard someone say that you cannot work if you are receiving disability benefits. This statement can be misleading. The Social Security Administration wants for every benefit recipient to be as self-sufficient as possible.

For individuals that are blind, the Social Security Administration allows you to work while receiving benefits. You are allowed to earn up to $1,640 a month (as of 2011) without it affecting your benefits.

For individuals that are not blind and desire to work, the Social Security Administration has developed a way for you to earn wages while still receiving benefits. The Ticket To Work and Work Incentives Programs provide benefit recipients with a way to get back to work while maintaining their benefits.

Work Incentives Program

The Work Incentives Program was designed to help people with the transition back into the workforce. There is a trial work period that lasts for nine months and there are no limits on your earnings.  During this time, you will still be eligible to receive your full benefit, regardless of how much you earn.  The exception is, (a) if you no longer maintain your disabled status and /or (b) fail to report your work activity to the SSA. The trial work period continues until you have worked nine consecutive months within a 60-month period.

After you successfully complete the trial work period of nine months, you may not be eligible to receive your benefits. However, you may be eligible to continue your Medicare Part coverage for up to 93 months, if you are still determined to be disabled.

Ticket To Work Program

This program provides people who are looking to ease back into the workforce with valuable resources that are often hard to come by. Once you begin receiving benefits you are given a Ticket that can be used to help find a job or obtain vocational training. This Ticket provides you with an opportunity to be matched up with an organization in your community that can help you obtain employment or the training needed to find your own employment.

If you have any additional questions about working while receiving benefits, we are here to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us to ask one of our knowledgeable attorneys about how working may affect your benefits.