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Social Security Disability Evaluation

I Won My Case, Now What?

It’s a great day when you receive that notice in the mail stating you have been approved for benefits. You have been waiting for that award letter for what seems like a lifetime. Now that you have been approved several things will follow.

The Details

Your award letter will include several pieces of information. The date of your approval will be listed, which refers to the time period where your benefit eligibility began. This time period is used to determine if you are owed any back pay for benefits. Some people will be approved to receive benefit payments for a period of time before their application was submitted and approved, also called retroactive pay.

The letter will also include an estimate of your monthly benefit amount. It can take up to six or eight weeks to receive your first award check. This assumes you have satisfied the five month waiting period for disability status. If you have been approved, but not had your disability for at least five months, you will have to wait until the five month waiting period expires before your benefit payments begin. You can go online, or have your disability attorney, to set up a direct deposit account through the Social Security Administration to expedite your payments.


You are eligible to receive Medicare benefits after you have been receiving SSDI benefits for at least 24 months.  You are automatically enrolled in Medicare once you are approved for disability benefits. The 24 month waiting period begins the month you were approved to receive disability benefits.

Congratulations on winning your case! Our disability attorneys are happy to answer any questions you may have over your award letter and benefits.