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Social Security Disability Evaluation

How To Apply

Ok, so you have decided to apply for benefits. Or maybe you already have applied, but were denied.

What’s next?

If you are ready to apply for benefits, you should review the qualification standards and application procedures found on the Social Security Administration’s website. From there you can fill out an online application form.

If you have already applied and were denied, it is helpful to find out the reason you were denied. You can review the Social Security Administration’s website to find out how to reapply and maximize your chances of having your application approved.

However, you should know that your best chance of winning your case is with legal representation. Whether you are ready to apply or have already been denied, legal representation can maximize your chances of getting approved. Did you know that the majority of all applications will be denied the first time? This is especially true for people applying without the help of a professional.


The reason is simple. The qualification standards for SSI and SSDI are very specific. Not to say that it is difficult to qualify, just that it is often difficult to prove that you qualify. The application process requires loads of paperwork about your prior work history, previous tax returns, your condition or illness, the prognosis of that condition or illness and your current financial situation.  Gathering all of the necessary paperwork is a ton of work.

We do all of the hard work for you. As your representative, we gather and review all of the necessary documents. We can catch a mistake or missing piece of information before you apply and minimize the chance for error. Our attorneys have lots of experience helping people successfully obtain their benefits.

The best part?

We don’t get paid, unless we win your case!

Fill out our no-obligation evaluation form to contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys today to begin the process of obtaining the legal representation you need to win your case.