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Posted in: Social Security Disability on June 6th, 2012

disability insuranceOftentimes you will find Americans who have spent their entire lives working but become unable to perform the work that they once did.  It is individuals like this that find themselves looking towards Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, to assist them with their predicament.  SSDI is a tax-funded program that is managed and operated by the Social Security Administration.

Who Qualifies for SSDI?

The standards for Social Security Disability Insurance are very strict.  The first bit and most useful piece of knowledge when determining if you may be eligible for it is determining if you are physically restricted in your ability to become employed.  Those individuals who are and who have been for at least five consecutive months may be eligible.

SSDI is not for a short-term disability basis.  It is either received on a permanent basis or on a long term temporary basis: cases of at least one year in length.  It is very important to understand this simple standard as it may save you time and the headache of barking up a tree that won’t come to answer.

Unlike SSI, Social Security Disability Insurance is not based on your income.  With SSI, however, you must stay below the mandated income line in order to continue receiving this supplemental income.  Eligibility for the disability insurance is set aside for those of any income level.

Be sure to understand that it takes time when applying for such benefits.  The Social Security Administration estimates that the application process can take from 90-120 days.  When applying for benefits you should keep this under consideration and remember that it does not make an immediate impact.

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