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Protecting Your SSDI Benefits from Identity Theft
Posted in: Benefits on July 8th, 2015

lawyerIdentity theft is something that many more people are becoming aware of. It is something that has to be safeguarded against in all circumstances and this even includes the protection of your SSDI benefits.

When you are filing for your SSDI coverage you have to provide a lot of personal documents. During the preparation you may be making copies. It is not usual that sometimes you need to discard extra copies and the tendency may be to just rip them once and toss them into the trash. This can be a dangerous act. There may be a lot of information on those papers that should not end up in the wrong hands.

For your SSDI you may have to supply our SSN, your date of birth, your address, as well as medical records. If these documents end up in the wrong hands then there is a possibility that someone could file for your disability fraudulently.

The other thing is that your various documents and personal information may be stored by third parties. Or portions of it may even be stored on the internet. Things like your credit card or banking information if you have made purchases online.

Stolen information that is used in an identity theft can affect your SSDI in regards to your previous work history which is also an important element of your SSDI application.

It is most important that you look over all of the information concerning your disability application to make sure that it is totally accurate. You may also want to consider using a disability attorney to help you with your application and progression of it so you don’t get delayed in receiving your benefits.

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