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Biggest Disability Insurance Mistakes You Can Make
Posted in: Application Process on December 23rd, 2013

Deciding to buy a disability insurance policy is a smart move in the right direction. But the decision process doesn’t end right there. Understanding disability insurance is a confusing thing, and if you aren’t careful you could make mistakes in the buying process. Here are the two biggest mistakes people make when shopping for disability insurance, according to a disability lawyer.

Price vs. Provision

The disability lawyer wants everyone to understand the ‘Two P’s’ of the disability insurance policy. They are price and provision. Price is the amount of money you pay each month, or the premium. The provisions are the details of the policy that explain your benefits and requirements.

Which of the two P’s is the most important to look at when shopping for a policy? The disability lawyer says it is absolutely the provisions. Prices will generally be the same from agency to agency, but the provisions can change drastically. Make sure you are getting a policy that actually gives a solid return on investment.

Saying No

You have already made the smart decision of shopping for a disability insurance policy, so don’t back out now. The second biggest mistake you can make is deciding not to accept a policy because of exemptions.

A long term disability policy is not going to cover your pre-existing conditions – plain and simple. But, that does not mean you shouldn’t accept the policy offer. More than likely, you are getting a policy not for your current conditions, but for protection against future injuries and sicknesses. Remember this truth throughout your shopping process.

By avoiding these two mistakes you can enjoy a less stressful and more successful shopping experience.

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