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Social Security Disability Evaluation

Can SSDI And SSI Benefits Be Paid Retroactively?

When you file for benefits you may be entitled for back paid benefits of your condition. Typically, you are eligible to receive benefits from the onset date of your condition or the date of application for benefits. The amount of back pay you receive, and the amount time you may have to wait to receive these payments, may vary according to which type of assistance you receive.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Most SSDI recipients will be eligible to receive benefits from the date of their application for disability. If your disability began prior to your application date, you will most likely be eligible to receive benefit payments for the time missed between your application date and your approval date. In some cases, you may qualify to receive benefits for up to 12 retroactive months before your application date.

Supplemental Security Income

SSI recipients will be eligible to receive benefits for the time back to the date of application. Because SSI is a need-based program, not all recipients will qualify for this retroactive pay unless they can prove (a) their condition existed qualified at the time of application, and (b) their income and resource were limited enough to qualify at the time of application.

There are a few important factors to remember when determining if you are eligible for retroactive benefit payments.

(1)    The amount of back pay depends on when your claim was filed. If you filed your claim and were denied, you may be entitled to more back pay than someone who filed and was accepted right away.  This is not a general rule and there are no guarantees anyone will be eligible for back pay.

(2)    The onset date of your disability will also determine how much back pay you may be eligible to receive.  Therefore, it is important you provide all of your medical records when applying for benefits.

If you feel you are entitled to retroactive pay on your benefit claim, contact one of our experienced disability attorneys. We can fight for your benefits in a determination hearing to get you all the benefit payments that you are entitled to receive.