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Social Security Disability Evaluation

SSI Benefits For Children

Children are also entitled to receive benefits of their own if they are (a) blind or disabled or (b) the child of a retired, disabled or deceased parent. There are different qualifications for SSI and SSDI benefits, and a child may find more advantages from one benefit program over the other depending on their situation. Adult dependents may also qualify for coverage under these assistance programs. To find out if your child qualifies, contact us today to help you review your coverage options.

Supplemental Security Income

Children under the age of 18 may qualify for disability benefits if they meet income and resource requirements. SSI eligibility is determined based on the financial need of the child. The income and resources of the family and members of the household are taken into consideration when determining financial need.

SSI benefits are reserved for those in significant need of financial assistance when they lack the necessary resources to maintain an income. The government sets the amount provided through benefits and is adjusted each year as part of the national budget. Each state varies on the amount of benefit a child is eligible to receive and benefits are exempt from taxation.

To qualify for benefits the child must meet the following conditions:

  • The child must have a mental or physical condition that results in “marked and severe functional limitations” that severely limit their abilities to maintain a job or perform payable duties. Click here to see a list of medical conditions that qualifies for benefits.
  • The child’s condition must have lasted, or been diagnosed to last at least 12 months; or resulted in death.
  • For children that are able to work to an extent, they must not be earning more than $1000 per month.

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