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Social Security Disability Evaluation


Have you suffered an accident? Are you not able to work because of an injury or illness caused by your accident?

Accidents can prevent you from doing many things you need and want to do each day. Having experienced an accident you may not be able to work, causing problems with paying your bills.

But, did you know that you may be able to qualify for disability benefits?

There are many different ways for an accident to occur, and accidents can happen anywhere. Typically, how or where you got injured does not matter in your disability claim. The type of injury or illness sustained as a result of the accident is the determining factor.

Types of Accidents:

Car Accidents
: People fall victim to car accidents every day. Cars may collide into each other, trucks and motorcycle may cause injury to drivers. Even bicyclists and pedestrians may become victims of motor vehicle accidents.  All of these accidents can cause severe injury to those involved, preventing them from performing everyday tasks. If you have been a victim of a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident; you may qualify for benefits. Some injuries that may qualify include: back, neck, head, hip and arm injuries.

Workplace Accidents: Usually, if you get injured on the job your employer will provide some coverage to help cover costs. However, some worker’s compensation policies may only cover medical costs and not cover missed income. Even if you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits you may still be eligible to receive disability benefits also.

Accidents at Home: Many people don’t think that common household accidents qualify for disability benefits. In fact, there are several common household accidents that qualify for disability benefits such as swimming pool accidents, falls from objects, animal attacks, slips, falls, stair accidents, ice related accidents, recreational vehicles accidents and accidents resulting from defective products.

If you have suffered an accident and can’t work, contact one of compassionate attorneys to review your case. We can help you determine if you qualify and complete the paperwork for you. We don’t want you to suffer any longer, let us help you get the compensation you need.