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Why Do Only Some People Qualify for SSDI?

trapSo many people live with false security thinking that if they become unable to work because of illness or injury that they will automatically be able to rely on social security disability. Many are shocked when they apply for this financial help and discover they have been denied.

Representation Helps

Based on the large number of denials that has become public knowledge, a lot of individuals will retain the services of a disability attorney to help them through the application process. The first thing the SSDI agency will check out is whether you qualify based on the financial criteria that is set in place for this financial relief. Following this your application gets send to the Disability Determination Services agency. They decide whether your particular disability qualifies for benefits.

Not every disability meets the criteria that is set for SSDI and this is one of the reasons why only some people end up qualifying. Even after qualifying there is a lot of paper work that has to be done, and done right. If it isn’t then this is another reason why the application may get turned down.

When determining whether an individual has a disability that qualifies there are a lot of factors that are considered. If the individual applying doesn’t meet all of the criteria then again they could be denied. The agency making this determination with consider whether the disability is one that is on the accepted list, whether it is sever enough to prevent an individual from doing their previous job, and perhaps other types of considerations.

Staying on Top of Your SSDI Benefits

benefitsGetting approved for SSDI benefits can be a big challenge, and once you do get approved you really have to stay on top of making sure that you comply with all of the rules of entitlement. Make sure that you know what these are as there are a lot of them. For example, if you move you must notify them. If you begin to receive other pensions they have to be told about this. If you have a child that you care for and claimed and the child is no longer in your care again you must notify the agency. If there is changes in your medical condition you may have to inform them as well, and the list goes on and on.

Stay In The Know

On occasion some people will get cut off of their SSDI and this is devastating. In cases like this unless the reason for doing so is not in dispute then the individual should have a consultation with a disability lawyer.  Once an individual has been cut off it can be extremely difficult and lengthy to get re-instated. Most people find this type of situation extremely devastating financially as they may have a family that is depending on this source of income for their daily living.

If you aren’t sure whether a change in your circumstances is going to affect your SSDI it won’t hurt to get some legal advice as to what you can possibly do about this, or the proper way of going about updating your file with the Agency. Making a mistake in doing this could be a costly one.

How do I know if I Should Apply for SSDI?

timingChances are you have some inclination that you should apply for SSD and maybe your friends and relatives have told you the same. However, you aren’t quite sure if you would qualify and you have heard that a lot of people have been turned down. Your best solution is to discuss this with a SSDI lawyer to see if in their expert opinion you would qualify and if so then your best bet would be to retain their services to assist you with your application.

The Right Time

There are a lot of criteria that has to be met in order to receive these disability payments. First of all you have to be sure that in the past you worked in jobs that were covered by Social security. Next you have to be afflicted with a medical condition that qualifies according to the mandate set in place by the SSDI agency.

Your disability cannot be considered short term. It usually means that your disability has to be such that you will not be able to work for at least a year. Even if you are close to retirement if you feel that you situation qualifies for SSDI you should apply for it.

If you are successful then once you reach retirement your SSDI benefits will automatically switch over to retirement benefits. A lot of people that are entitled to SSDI don’t apply for it because they feel the application process is too complicated or they have heard it will most likely be denied. This is why you want to utilize an expert in this to help you determine if you have a case for this disability income.

Working When On SSDI

disabilityIf you have managed to qualify for SSDI, you most likely no how difficult this can be. You don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your payments. Yet at the same time according to your health circumstances you may feel like you would want to try and re-enter the work force. The problem is if you come off SSDI and going back to work doesn’t work out then you need to reapply again and this worrisome.

Muddy Waters

You may want to speak with a disability lawyer to find out what your rights are concerning trying to re-enter the work force. This way you are going to be far more confident. There is what is called a trial work period. What this does is allows you to dry working without it interfering with your disability income. You can either apply this trial to a nine month period that is consecutive, or it can be spread out over a period of 60 months. For example, you may trying working for 3 months then discover you are not well enough yet. So you wait a year then try again.

What constitutes a month is when a person earns more than $780. In a month or when a self-employed person has worked 80 or more hours in a month.

You should not have any difficulty with the trial work period opportunity. The government has implemented this to encourage those that are on SSDI to go back to work if possible.

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