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How Do You Start a SSDI Review?

reviewMany people make an application for their SSDI then wait weeks for their application to be processed only to discover that it has been denied. The next step they now may have to take is a request for a review.  This means you will now have to contact the agency and tell them that you disagree with their denial and you want to move forward with an appeal. This now gives the agency formal notice which is necessary because there is a deadline for doing this. The Admin. Department now has to send you the proper forms to fill out to register your appeal.

In a lot of the States the first level of the appeal will be for reconsideration. If this is available in your State there are specific forms that will have to be filled out. These are the Request for Reconsideration Forms and the Disability Report-Appeals form.

If you have been denied your SSDI it may be most beneficial to you to hire a disability attorney. While the forms are fairly simple to fill out for your appeal, if they are not done correctly then it could result in your being denied once again. There are many reasons why you could have been turned down in the first place and these may not be entirely clear to you. Yet, these have to be fully addressed or your appeal will serve no purpose. Filing for an appeal is time sensitive so you want to begin your appeal immediately after your denial, and get the proper forms filed within the 60 day deadline.

Claiming Disability: What is considered an impairment?

impairmentMost individuals that cannot work because of an injury or disability know for themselves that their impairment is severe. They become astonished when they apply for SSDI to find out they have been denied based on the severity of their disability according to those making the decisions about these benefits.

There is actually an official list of impairments that qualify for SSDI. A medical consultant will compare your disability to the standards set out in their list. All of the impairments that are contained on the list indicate the degree of severity that must be present in order for an individual to be deemed disabled to qualify for the benefit.

If you happen to have an impairment that is on the list and you have met the criteria then you shouldn’t have a problem getting your disability. If on the other hand you don’t, which a lot of people fall into this category, then chances are you will be denied.

It is well worth using a disability lawyer to assist you with applying for your disability. If you get turned down you can appeal, but this can be a real hassle. It is really important that you have all of the right information available and submitted to support your claim. It isn’t as easy of a task as most people think, and there is a high rate of claim denials.

Will My Spouse’s Income Affect my SSDI Benefits?

marriageIt is important to realize that your wife’s income will only be taken into account if you are seeking SSI. This is the program based on low income and needs basis. The SSDI program is available to those who contributed with FICA taxes over a period of several years. There is no income limit attached to this particular program.

The bigger problem that those going after SSDI benefits face is being denied. This is becoming quite common place and because of this many applicants are now seeking out the services of a disability lawyer right from the very start of their application.

One of the many reasons that claims are denied is because of some very common areas and a legal expert will ensure these are avoided. You need to know what the criteria is to be eligible. You must focus on applying for this program based on your disability, and that you do not delay in filing. These claims are notorious for being reviewed and processed slowly. More often than not they get denied on the first application for many different reasons which are not always clear. The result is the appeal then has to be started and again there is a big delay.

This can be really difficult for the disabled individual as it can put really difficult financial constraints on them and they end up falling into heavy debt. This on top of having to deal with their disability creates a very unpleasant situation.

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