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What are the Earning Requirements for SSDI?

The rules and regulations can change at any time for SSDI and often do. There are a lot of rules that have to be followed regarding SSDI, and many times people that are applying for this disability become confused and frustrated. They aren’t even sure how much money they will be receiving if they are approved. Most often now individuals who are looking to apply for this benefit are using a SSDI lawyer to help ensure that they won’t be denied, as appealing can be a very long process

One of the stipulations for being able to receive SSDI is that you have to meet the earning requirement criteria, which is comprised of two different tests. One of these is comprised of a recent work test which is based on your age at the time you became disabled. The second one is in reference to duration which confirms that you actually worked long enough to be able to qualify for disability insurance.

The significant ages that you have to look at are the quarter in or before you turned age 24. The quarter after you turned 24 but have not reached the age of 31, and finally the last quarter in which you turned 31 or later. These age groups dictate what the working requirements will be. For the duration of work it can begin at the age prior to 28 and increases up to past 60. The minimum work requirement depending on your age can be as low as 1.5 years of working up to 9.5 years or more.

These are just a few of the requirements that you are going to have to look closely at if you are considering applying for SSDI.

Working While on SSDI

workSome individuals have been successful at obtaining their SSDI, then end up losing it because they attempted to go back to work. Based on this many others are reluctant to try and re-enter the work force in case it doesn’t work out and they end up being disqualified for SSDI. Individuals that have been penalized for re-entering the work force only to find out they were not able to continue should seek out the services of a disability lawyer to assist them with re-applying for this disability.

There are rules in place that govern the SSDI in respect to individuals wanting to test out the employment scene to see if they can cope. These rules indicate that an individual should be able to try working a part time or full time job and still receive their SSDI income

The trial period for doing this is a maximum of nine months but this does not have to be consecutive. It doesn’t matter how much money is earned during that period the disability payments will not be affected. There are other criteria to this area of the SSDI law and they should be fully understood before taking advantage of them. This trial work period has been put in place to encourage those with disabilities whose health status changes to attempt to go back into the work place.

What Information Do I Need to Supply to Get SSDI?

disability applicationIf you are thinking about applying for social security disability then you are in for a most frustrating time. Very seldom will you ever hear anyone say that it was easy to get, or that they didn’t really need to fight for it.

A Tough Process

It all begins with the application. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it. You just need to fill out the application, which you can even do online. Now the waiting begins. You can either follow up with the status of your claim by calling your local SSD office, and how success you will be at gleaning any information will depend on whether you can get through or not. Then if you are good with computers there is an option to check online. The application status will show the date your application was received. What other documents are required, which office is processing your application, and even if a decision has been made regarding your case.

These are the basics and it all seems pretty easy. Where the problem arises is during any segments of the process. It could be in your application. It could be the information you are asked to provide. You may be asked for proof of your income, and you will definitely be required to prove your disability through medical records. You may be thinking that just a note from your Doctor will do it, but this never the case. The government want absolute proof of your disability and usually the medical records for backing this up have to be pretty detailed. In fact, you may not have gone through enough medical assessing according to the Government to support your claim.

To avoid a lot of problems and to avoid delays it is well getting a SSDI lawyer to assist you from start to finish.

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