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Why Your Disability Benefits Were Denied

Filing for Social Security disability can be a complex process, involving a large amount of your time and effort. If you are denied for disability benefits, you are probably wondering what went wrong. If and when you decide to file an appeal, hiring a disability lawyer is always a good move. Here are a few things to think about when determining why your disability benefits were denied.

Denied: Poor Documentation

A major reason medical Social Security disability claims are denied is lack of adequate documentation for all medical treatment you have undergone. Reviewers are looking for extremely thorough documentation of all medical treatment, including the names and addresses of all hospitals, doctors, and clinics, the dates of the treatments, and any other information available. Too often, claimants fail to provide this information, or provide incomplete documentation when applying for disability benefits, causing their claims to be denied.

This is unfortunate, but on the bright side, if you are able to get this documentation together, you can file an appeal on the decision and possibly receive a better result on your social security disability claim. Hiring a disability lawyer is a good way to increase your chances that your appeal is successful.

Even if your disability benefits claim had complete documentation, it may not hurt to resubmit this documentation on appeal. It is not impossible that the reviewer missed part of the documentation, or failed to see it; on appeal, your decision may be made by another reviewer with a different concept of thoroughness. No matter what, hiring a disability lawyer to tackle your disability benefits claim ought to be a priority.

Social Security Disability Lawyer’s Fees

If you are filing for disability insurance, you have probably considered the merits of hiring a Social Security disability lawyer. Since filing for disability insurance can be such a hassle, involving huge amounts of your time and effort, and often resulting in confusion and backtracking, hiring a Social Security disability lawyer can be a very wise move, reducing the stress on you personally and often getting better results in less time. But what will a Social Security disability lawyer charge for this peace of mind?

Disability Insurance Filing Fees

Social Security disability lawyers do not charge fees up-front, but work on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer will only be paid if they win your case – a great incentive both for you, the filer, since you will not have to pay the lawyer if you do not get the disability benefits, and for the lawyer, who will take on cases they believe have real merit. In addition this system ensures that unscrupulous practices are not common, since a Social Security disability lawyer cannot take on a case they know is doomed to lose just to get the retainer fees from that client.

The fees a Social Security disability lawyer can charge are limited by the law to 25% of the benefits you are awarded via disability insurance. The maximum payment they can expect is $6,000. Studies have shown that a lawyer is often able to get more in a settlement in terms of back pay than an individual filing without representation would get from their disability insurance claim. Hiring a disability lawyer could be a great move on your part.

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