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Determining Your Disability Benefits Eligibility

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits can be a difficult and stressful process. If you think you might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you should be aware of the process the Social Security Administration uses to determine eligibility. Knowing these steps in advance may help save you a lot of trouble and stress in the long run.

Disability Benefits Overview

Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits is usually described as a five-step process.

  • If you are currently working and making over a predetermined amount per month, you cannot be considered for disability benefits except in very special cases. Currently, the maximum amount of monthly income is $1,040 per month. Any more than this will disqualify you for disability benefits.
  • Your condition must be considered severe enough to affect your ability to perform work-related tasks. This is generally the most difficult and contentious point to prove in order to obtain disability benefits. Basically, you must have a condition that medically prevents you from earning money at a job.
  • Your condition must match one of the accepted conditions for Social Security disability according to a list that the Social Security Administration maintains.
  • If your condition does not match one of the conditions on the list, further determination of your condition must be done to determine whether it affects your ability to do the work you previously did, and also to determine whether you are able to perform other types of work.

It is notoriously difficult to meet the above conditions, but in many cases that is for good reason. Social Security disability is an advantage that all too many people are eager to try and exploit, and so the administration is forced to be very thorough in its research and criteria. If you think you qualify, talk to your social security disability lawyer today.

Disability Insurance Has Critics

Many critics have been voicing their opinions lately on the subject of disability insurance. The Social Security program has never been without its detractors, and with 2012 seeing record costs upwards of $135 billion, those detractors are more vocal than ever. According to a reputable social security disability lawyer, the critics have a main complaint: more and more people are going on Social Security disability, people who are perfectly able to work. This is a very difficult thing to prove or disprove, says the social security disability lawyer, but he thinks it is an invalid criticism.

Disability Insurance Qualifications

The eligibility qualifications for Social Security disability insurance have been relaxed in recent years, but still remain a subject of intense debate. According to some sources, the numbers of people who are abusing SSDI could number in the millions. Furthermore, according to the detractors of the program, even those who have a valid health or disability insurance claim and become part of the program have little incentive to ever change their lifestyle and re-enter the workforce.

In fact, nearly five percent of the working age population of America is currently claiming some sort of Social Security benefit, with the numbers seeing exponential growth in recent years. Detractors claim this is due to the serious defects in the organization of the program and its benefits, resulting in millions of unqualified individuals receiving government handouts. These critics urge reform for the current laws and seek to decrease the number of people receiving benefits, people who could and/or should otherwise be able to earn their own incomes.

Social Security Disability News

Find recent news, information and resources about social security benefits. Discover what you need to know about how to win your benefits case.

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