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Understanding Disability Benefits for Children

Most Americans are already aware that Supplemental Security Income provides benefits for those with low incomes, disabilities, and for people who are 65 years of age or older. But did you know that children could qualify for disability benefits as well? If you’ve already received social security disability benefits and your child meets the requirements, he or she could receive disability benefits as well. Working with a social security disability lawyer will help you determine whether you and your child qualify.

Guidelines for Disability Benefits for Children

Whether the child is your biological or adopted child, stepchild, or grandchild dependent, disability benefits may be granted. If you’re already working with a social security disability lawyer for your own disability benefits, then be sure to discuss benefits for your child as well. To get disability benefits:

· Your child must be under 18 years old. The only exception is if your child is a full-time student – then he or she may receive disability benefits until age 19. However, if the child’s disability didn’t arise until after age 18, but before the age of 22, then he or she may still qualify. Working with a social security disability lawyer will help you better understand these nuances.

· Resources must be considered. Your family’s income and resources will be a determining factor in receiving disability benefits for your child, whether your child is at home or away at school. SSI has benchmarks for income and resources; if your family’s total earnings exceed those benchmarks, then disability benefits will be denied. However, a social security disability lawyer can help you determine these specifications to ensure that your child receives the benefits that he or she deserves.

· Your child must have a physical or mental condition. The process of achieving disability benefits for your child is difficult. SSI requirements are lengthy, extremely specific, and there are legal ramifications for falsifying or misrepresenting information. To ensure that you get the disability benefits your child deserves, consult with a social security disability lawyer to discuss SSI rules about disabilities and your child’s situation.

Are Disability Benefits Considered Taxable Income?

Even with the help of a social security disability lawyer, getting the disability benefits that you deserve can be a difficult process. You must accurately provide legal documents, see your health care provider, and complete requirements set forth by the government to receive your disability benefits. If you’ve finally been awarded disability benefits, chances are that you want to relax – you and your social security disability lawyer have probably done a lot of work already. But now that you’ve received your disability benefits, do you owe taxes on them?

Understanding Disability Benefits and Taxable Income

For most Americans, the disability benefits that they receive will not be considered taxable income. Even if you have a partial income that accompanies your disability benefits, the overwhelming likelihood is that your disability benefits will remain untaxed. However, there are always some exceptions, and discussing this topic with a social security disability lawyer can ensure that you understand your specific tax situation.

You applied for disability benefits because of an inability to work, so you won’t be making a large enough income to be taxed. If you were making a large enough income, you wouldn’t have had to apply or qualify for disability benefits.

Things get a little more nuanced, however, if your spouse is still working. Because the tax rules for disability benefits vary from state to state across the country, it’s crucial to meet with a social security disability lawyer who can tell you exactly what you owe. In general, if your spouse has a substantial income, your disability benefits could potentially be considered taxable income. Considerations include whether you and your spouse file individually or jointly, as well as how much your spouse is making.

Again, taxes on disability benefits can be so complicated that only a social security disability lawyer who knows your financial situation could help you understand your tax situation. Depending on your state and spouse’s income, taxes on disability benefits may or may not be a concern. Regardless, it’s important to work with a social security disability lawyer to ensure you’re getting the full benefits that you deserve!

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