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Who Needs a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Because it’s not a legal requirement to hire a social security disability lawyer when fighting for your disability benefits, many Americans decide to tackle the process alone. But just like any time you deal with any government process, having a qualified professional on your side vastly increases your chances for success. No wonder 65% of initial disability benefits claims are denied– and the statistics get worse! When people appeal to the government for their disability benefits, up to 85% of those appeals are denied! This is exactly why you need a social security disability lawyer.

How a Social Security Disability Lawyer Helps You

If you’re applying for disability benefits, chances are that you already need them. This is why it’s crucial to work with a social security disability lawyer as quickly as possible. You see, the process can take several weeks – and if you’re denied and have to reapply, then that’s even more time without the disability benefits you need. By working with a social security disability lawyer, you’ll be able to develop a disability case and vastly increase your chances of achieving the disability benefits you deserve. In fact, a social security disability lawyer can even win you more back pay!

Whether you’re applying for the first time or filing a petition, a social security disability lawyer can help you at any step of the way.

Application. A social security disability lawyer will ensure that your initial application is completed with all the information needed to have your disability benefits approved and dispersed. Working with a qualified attorney increases your chances of approval.
Reconsideration/Appeal. If your initial application is denied or if you decided to apply alone, a social security disability lawyer can help you with the appeals process. You have 60 days to have your case reviewed again.
Hearing. If you haven’t already achieved your disability benefits by this point, your social security disability lawyer will display his prowess in the courtroom by fighting your case in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to do this alone?

How to Keep Your Disability Benefits

With over 65% of first time disability benefits applicants being denied, you’ve likely fought long and hard to get the disability benefits that you deserve. So now that you have them, how do you keep them? Whatever the reason for your inability to work, it’s crucial to maintain those disability benefits so that you can uphold your standard of living. By discussing this with your social security disability lawyer and by keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep the benefits that you deserve.

What Causes Disability Benefits to Stop

Understanding what causes disability benefits to stop is one of the keys to understanding how to keep the support you need. Returning to work, income changes, medical improvements, and other key factors can all trigger the halting of your benefits. However, if you’re one of those people who has long-term disability and needs these disability benefits to survive, it’s crucial to understand what you can do to keep them.

This includes:

Working with your social security disability lawyer. Just because your application or appeals process is over, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to dump your social security disability lawyer for good. If you need long-term benefits, you’ll have to undergo the continuing disability review process. Staying in touch with your social security disability lawyer will ensure that you have the resources to help you when you need them. The more resources you have when dealing with the government, the better chance you’ll have of receiving the disability benefits you deserve.
Visit your physician regularly. Getting regular check-ups and updates concerning your physical health and condition is a great way to show that you’re doing all you can to stay healthy. Furthermore, be sure to always comply with doctor’s orders. This will help keep your medical record complete and up-to-date for any disability benefits reviews. This also shows that you’re not trying to manipulate the system.
Following the rules. Be sure to follow the provisions of your disability benefits. By discussing this with your social security disability lawyer, you’ll know the terms to expect of your disability benefits and how to ensure that you continue receiving them as long as you need them.

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