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Disability Insurance Qualifying Conditions Review

disabilty reviewNumerous disability applicants search the web for information about qualifying conditions for benefits. While there is no hard and fast list of which conditions automatically qualify for Social Security Disability, there is a list of common conditions that may qualify in most cases. However, this list is dated and hasn’t always kept up with the changing times.

Updated Information

The Social Security Administration is now taking efforts towards conducting reviews of qualifying medical conditions. Recently added to the list of commonly qualifying conditions is Alzheimer’s Disease, an increasing health problem among many aging Americans. This year, the SSA is planning to expand their review and seek public input on musculoskeletal disorders.

The SSA’s Listing of Impairments currently covers conditions such as cancer, heart and pulmonary problems, stomach or intestinal disorders, disorders of the blood and some neurological disorders.  There has been a push for the inclusion of musculoskeletal conditions, which can significantly impair a person’s ability to work. Since these disorders typically affect muscles, joints and nerve systems, any impairment in these systems is likely to cause significant interference in the ability to perform even daily living tasks.



Private Disability Insurance

disability insuranceIt is no secret that Social Security programs are already overburdened and the fate of existence for programs like Medicare are up in the air. With more Americans out of work and without insurance coverage, more people are turning to Social Security Disability for help.  Although less popular, private disability insurance programs may have something to offer.


One of the biggest benefits to private disability insurance is the control over the policy and coverage terms. Many of these policies are customizable and can contain as much or as little coverage as the applicant desires. This makes private disability insurance affordable for many who may not have previously thought they could obtain coverage.

Another perk of private disability insurance is that it is much easier to apply for and secure.  SSDI can be quite difficult to obtain and, often, private insurance is obtainable for just about anyone and covers a wider array of illnesses. Because private disability insurance is purchased prior to the onset of an illness or condition, it is rare for anyone to be denied benefits once an illness begins.


Although private insurance is affordable, it certainly isn’t within everyone’s reach. Families who are already experiencing a financial hardship will find that paying for insurance they have yet to receive benefits for is an unnecessary expense. Private disability insurance is a “just in case” situation, which means that a person may pay for the insurance for years before ever needing it.



Missing Out On Medicare

medicareMedicare is a health insurance program that is designed to help cover medical costs for those over the age of 65 or with qualifying disabilities. Unlike the highly sought after Social Security Disability benefits, many Americans are unaware of their eligibility or qualifying status. It turns out that there are thousands of Americans in need who are without health insurance simply because they do not know the standards and procedures associated with Medicare benefits.

Get Covered

Every day, more than 11,000 Americans become eligible for Medicare simply by turning 65 years old. While this isn’t the only qualifying mark, it does paint a picture of how many people could be missing out on a very crucial benefit. Anyone already receiving Social Security benefits is most likely already receiving, or at least eligible for, Medicare. However, this doesn’t mean that they are using the program to its fullest potential.

For those who are not already receiving Social Security benefits, applying for Medicare may be well worth the time and effort. While it is difficult to pin down specific requirements for qualifying for Medicare outside of the age of 65, there are a few ways to help determine one’s chances of securing benefits. First, anyone over the age of 65 is automatically eligible for Medicare regardless of their physical condition or disability status. Second, those under the age of 65 must meet certain disability requirements. This is the tricky part as not all disabilities qualify for Medicare coverage. However, meeting the eligibility criteria for disability insurance is a good indicator of chances for Medicare coverage.



Missouri Represents Large Chunk Of Disability Beneficiaries

disability insuranceThere is no doubt that times are tough for many Americans, but some have been plagued by financial trouble for quite some time. The Social Security Administration has seen an increase in disability insurance applications over the last few years. The disabled are finding that they are not alone and beginning to represent a larger portion of Americans than ever before.

Benefits By The Dozens

Part of the increase in Social Security Disability applications is due to the increase in qualifying medical conditions. The intellectually or developmentally disabled now represent a large portion of beneficiaries. The expansion of benefits for those with Alzheimer’s has also brought new recipients into the demographic. However, new studies are finding that there are some regional aspects to the numbers of beneficiaries.

There are numerous Northeast Missouri communities that receive SSDI benefits at a rate higher than the state’s average. Overall, many of these counties have one of the highest rates of disabled workers in the country. Further, the highest rate for SSI payments is in Marion County, where the aging baby boomer generation represents the bulk of the population.


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