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Social Security Benefits For The Self Employed

self employedSocial Security benefits are available for the elderly and disabled, but not everyone understands how these benefits work. While SSI is reserved for the aging or disabled that have limited resources, SSDI is provided contingent on a person’s previous employment tax history.  Knowing how these differences affect a person’s ability to receive benefits is an important part of the process. Further, disability applicants who were once self employed may face greater challenges.

Self Employed Individuals

Many Americans are lucky enough to call themselves self employed. Small business owners, farmers and contract laborers all fit this category, but just how “lucky” are they when it comes to cashing in on much needed government benefits? Unfortunately, individuals who have spent a portion of their careers working for themselves may find it more difficult, and even more expensive, to receive the same benefits a traditionally employed person is eligible to receive.

When employed by a corporation a part of a person’s paycheck goes towards paying their portion of FICA taxes. These taxes are the funding source for which retirement, Medicare and disability benefits are paid. As a traditionally paid employee, most people find their salaries off-set much of the 10.4 percent required to be paid towards Social Security because employers will pay a good portion of that percentage. However, as a self employed individual that person is responsible for paying the full 10.4 percent of their income regardless of what they earn.  Further, new legislation is expected to raise the Social Security percentage to 12.4 by the end of February 2012, costing self employed Americans even more in taxes.



Age Requirement For Social Security May Increase

disabilityThe future of Social Security programs has been up in the air, and the source of much debate, for quite some time. As political officials argue as to how to proceed to cut costs and ensure future citizens are covered, there have been many rogue ideas brought to the table. One of the biggest issues to hit the table this year is the idea of increasing age eligibility limits. However, critics argue this move could prove detrimental to disability insurance programs and Medicare alike.

Policy Changes?

The Congressional Budget Office is tossing around the idea of increasing the eligibility ages for Social Security and Medicare programs. They are reporting significant savings to the national budget and a relief of some financial pressure on the system if the early or full age eligibility requirement was slowly increased over the next few years. However, these increases mean fewer eligible benefit recipients and less coverage for those in need.

What many people don’t know is that age requirements under several Social Security programs have been slowly increasing since 2000. Medicare, on the other hand, has kept its age requirement at 65 since the 1960s. If the plan is passed, it would mean the eligibility age requirement for both Medicare and other Social Security programs would be increased by two months every year, starting in the year 2014. It is estimated that these changes would affect nearly 5.4 million Americans.



More Sentenced For Medicare Fraud

medicare fraudRecent news reports surface around several more individuals who have been charged and convicted of Medicare fraud. As Social Security benefits become tightened and the fate of several programs up in the air, many people are resorting to criminal measures to get help.

Judge And Jury

A Los Angeles woman plead guilty to committing $6.2 million in Medicare fraud. The woman admitted to fraudulently obtaining a physician’s personal information to print phony prescriptions. She and several others used Los Angeles based clinics as the fake front for writing and selling fraudulent prescriptions for pricey medical equipment.  The woman was sentenced to pay the $6.2 million in restitution and serve five years in prison.

Sadly, Medicare fraud comes in many forms such as the case described. As far as consumers are concerned acts such as filing for services never used, billing Medicare for equipment never received or obtaining and selling goods and services are all considered fraud. Securing services through misleading means or by using fraudulent personal information is also Medicare fraud.  Those convicted stand to face serious consequences including jail time.





Unemployment Puts Pressure On Disability Funds

disabilityThe economy has challenged us quite a bit over the last few years and it isn’t just the unemployment rate and raising national debt that has many of us concerned. The lack of affordable healthcare options, the cracks in major industries like the housing market and the fate of Social Security benefits are all topping the list of national concerns. Now that the unemployment rate has hovered around highs for a while now, many Americans are forced to turn towards other sources of assistance, such as disability insurance for help.

Slippery Slope

Two new studies have recently reported that there is a positive correlation between people applying for Social Security Disability after their unemployment benefits have run out. One of the White House’s top economists authored one of these studies and comments that this correlation highlights a more concerning issue. More specifically, people now view SSDI as an extension of the unemployment program rather than a program designed to help a separate demographic of U.S. citizens in need.

The biggest problem: people with moderate and potentially manageable health conditions are backing up the disability application process, causing major delays for those who really need it. With the influx of applicants coming over after their unemployment runs out, an already pressured system is becoming further stressed financially. No longer is disability being treated as a system for the disabled and ineligible to work, but has become viewed as another branch of a big welfare program.



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